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Hello, World!

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Yuriy, I live in Lviv, Ukraine, and I’m a software developer.

I’ve tried to pick up a title for me for a while and I didn’t come with anything better than ‘software developer’ – I don’t want to tie myself to things like ‘coder’, ‘tech lead’, ‘scrum master’ or anything similar – still I was in all that shoes in my career.

My first commercial job was a Perl coder in 2004 in small outsourcing company in Ternopil, Ukraine. From there I’ve switched to Java and now to Ruby development. Still, that’s not a thing I’m really proud about and which I want to share.

I would like to write in this blog about modern tools and languages – especially languages, as I consider learning new programming language as the most exiting part of a software development. I hope to write about Scala, Ruby, Haskell – but not limited to ones. Also I’m interested about bigger things – as long as they are still technical. That said, I hope to cover software architecture and system architecture in my posts.

I don’t consider this blog as a place for me to share my personal things. I don’t think people that came here to read about, say, Scala, would care how did I spend my weekends – did I go caving or skiing or mountain tracking (still this is a usual way for me to spend a weekend). So don’t be afraid to add it to your RSS reader – no porn, no kitties, no photos with my family. Only software development, only hardcore.
And the last thing I’m going to write about in this post is to answer a question – why do I want to have this blog in a first place? Answer is simple – writing about things helps to organize you minds and knowledge about that things. Of course, knowing that the blog is useful to someone would be a great encouragement.

So now lets click Publish – and see what happens next. I hope it will be something exciting :)